Crossword Puzzle #001

I have long been a crossword casual but have only recently delved into the Crossworld™.  A few months ago I began watching crossword streams on Twitch to pass the time and got hooked. 

I'm embarrassed to admit that I had never truly given much thought to the people and processes that go into making puzzles, nor did I consider just how damn hard it is! It turns out, that the intuitions that one picks up as a solver do not necessarily translate to crossword construction. 

Regardless, I took a leap and gave it a shot and with A LOT of help from folks in the Crosscord and Crossweird discord communities and invaluable insights and advice from new crossword pals Joe Adultman and Norah Sharpe, I have a completed puzzle! 

I hope you enjoy it and I would appreciate any feedback! 


  1. great themeset, beautifully executed. nice first puzzle!

  2. Great first puzzle! Love the consistency in the theme execution, the quality of the fill, and the smooth cluing voice!

  3. Fantastic debut! Very clean, great mix of clues, fresh voice. I'm looking forward to more!!

  4. Nothing first-y about it! Fun to do, loved the cluing all around. More, please!


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